Three best web hosting considerations that will help you in long run

web hosting considerations

Manzar Shahab

Founder CEO & IT Consultant at GNeX (A Networking solutions provider). Previously at NCR Corporations, served as Network Specialist III & Project Manager.

June 10, 2020

When you undertake a project to launch website for your business or online store, choosing web hosting company is the most critical job. I have deeply discussed the infrastructure and support issues of web hosting in this post. And have identified three best web hosting considerations. You have to make smart choice and right decision while considering following topics.

A responsive and expert support service:

There are tons of web hosting providers out there. You do a search on your browser, you will find hundreds and thousands of them to buy hosting services from. But the story does not end here, this is actually the start of a new journey. You put lots of efforts, energy, time and money, you probably engage a developer to develop your dream website. Then your business, blog, store, or your shop takes off and starts achieving a new height with your nicely developed website. One day you start having problem with your website, you call up your hosting provider but you rarely get response from them. Even when they response they don’t have right solution on time, your customer and clients start suffering and eventually you start losing business with dissatisfied customers. So responsive and expert support service is the key to web hosting considerations.

Resilient and robust platform with reliability features:

Majority of the hosting problem today is reliability. There is nothing to worry about until your hosting service is running properly, real problems start when there are issues with your hosting and you don’t have any other option but to wait helplessly for your hosting provider to intervene and resolve the issue. You should look for a hosting provider who already have robust reliability features in place, so that problems and issues are avoided and minimized. Following are the reliability features you should consider:

  • Resilient Cloud platform
  • Infrastructure built on top notch Server hardware
  • Latest hosting OS with 9 times faster LiteSpeed hosting server
  • SSD storage with RAID 10 Protection for redundancy and speed
  • Off site Nightly backups for quick restoration in a emergency situation
  • Faster and safer data replication with MariaDB Database
  • DDOS protection and web application firewall with CloudFlare CDN
  • Website caching with CloudFlare w/Railgun to speed website up to 200%
  • Auto SSL for secure transaction and data protection

All or combination of these reliability features build a resilient hosting environment that gives a self healing infrastructure.

Builtin support for WordPress or any CMS:

Today’s websites are dynamic in nature and if you want to keep your website current and constantly ranking on search engines you need to keep changing your website content frequently, to achieve this you should consider a CMS website. A Content Management System (CMS) Website allows you or your employees to add and edit content on your website from an administrative panel which is very secure. While using CMS, HTML training is not required in order to add new products, pages, posts or even to edit or delete content on your site.

Final words:

If you have lots of choices you start getting confused, but you need to be clear and think of a long term plan and decide on the basis of how good support you can get in future when you already have launched your website and your business is growing. You certainly can’t afford downtime of any kind when your business is up and running. TheHostingOasis provides you all reliable hosting platform, WordPress maintenance and responsive support team.

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